After three years, the Charlie Butler journey has come to an end.

When we launched in 2015, the vegan shoe market was still in its infancy. Charlie Butler tried to fill the void of high quality vegan leather boots and shoes by launching several crowd-funded campaigns. It wasn't easy, but we ended up creating a good looking, handmade and cruelty-free shoe that you could wear to any occasion.

Charlie Butler shoes were hand-made, custom fitted, and shipped worldwide. Even though we overcame manufacturing and logistical issues, we ultimately decided not to continue with Charlie Butler.

Over the years we were proud to work with talented people in production, marketing, social media, film, photography and fashion design. We are grateful for every person that has worked with us.

Finally, we are grateful for our passionate customers that supported and promoted our efforts.

Thank you.

Faran Saberi & Erfan Imani

Charlie Butler — vegan and handmade shoes